Curriculum Design

Set Them Up For Success

Shape your students with a personalized curriculum design

Are you a teacher who wants a way to better reach your students? Or a coach who wants to better assist your clients with their fitness goals? If so, get an individualized curriculum design from Coaching Peace Consulting.

During an initial consultation, we'll address the unique needs of your clients or students. From there, we'll develop a simple curriculum design that boosts morale and creates a healthy environment.

Provide your clients or students with the tools they need to become well-rounded individuals. 

What's included in our curriculum design?

As a teacher, you're preparing your students to go out into the world. Beyond the core subject matter of your classes, there are several supplementary lessons that must be understood in order to build heathy habits and communicate effectively with others. When you allow us to curate your curriculum design, we'll focus on: 1) Empathy building, 2) Character Development, 3) Social Emotional Learning

This gives your students or clients new ways to achieve their goals.