At Coaching Peace we believe that every organization is unique which is why we tailor all our programs to the specific needs of an organization. While our trainings are rooted in best practice and research, they are not one-size-fits-all. We recognize that our clients bring to the tables and set of strengths and opportunities that we take the time to identify and build upon when addressing challenges and growth.


Workshops for faculty and staff - Support improved collaboration and communication. Teachers are the anchors of culture for a school and often they operate in silos. Through and carefully designed program we work with faculty and staff to help bridge the gap between the work they do within their classrooms and the overall culture of the institution so that everyone feels supported, empowered and inspirited.

Workshops for students - Topics have included: Empathy-building, building positive relationships/cultures, anti-bullying, anti-hazing, responsible use of social media,

Workshops for administrators: Improving school culture, strength based coaching, title IX compliance, improved retention and recruitment of specific demographics; culture and climate assessments.