virtual training services

Struggling With the Shift to Virtual Meetings?

We're glad to offer virtual training to help you reorganize your operation

The approach to training, meeting and interfacing in a virtual space is significantly different than in-person meetings. Coaching Peace Consulting offers trainings to help you develop the skills needed to work effectively in a virtual space. We'll help you improve your engagement through the use of expressive body language and conversation-starting polls and questions.

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Refocusing for the virtual office

Working in a virtual space can be difficult, especially if face-to-face meetings and trainings are your norms. With our specialized virtual trainings, we'll help you with:

  • Setting up virtual trainings and events
  • Optimizing facilitation in a virtual space
  • Maintaining connections through a virtual space

Our focus is on helping you utilize the technology available to you to maintain your connections and keep moving forward with your business or organization. We'll equip you with questions to help facilitate meaningful conversations, strategies to set meeting expectations and methods for using your time wisely.

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