Executive Coaching

Coaching Peace believes that when we enter into work with a client, we are being invited as guests into your community. That means we want to understand the rituals, routines, and ways of relating in that community. So, our first step begins with collecting data and building relationships. We want to know the people that make up the organization, as well as the policies and practices that support them. Once we have a better understanding, we spend time sharing what we have learned with our client so that they can be a partner in the development of our next steps. While our team has expertise in a variety of fields, we look at the work always through the lens of collaboration. This means we check-in and solicit feedback, make changes when needed and do our work through phases. Each phase builds on the learnings and skills acquired from the phase before it. We are always working to create systems and practices that imbed our work into the organization so that it lives on past our engagement.

The beliefs that inform our work:

  • We believe that if we are doing our work well, we help an organization create systems, practices, and thinking that by themselves create more equitable spaces where there is safety and a culture of belonging.
  • We believe that connection happens when there is physical and psychological safety, thus we always create an environment of choice not requirement in all activities.
  • We believe that engaging diverse voices and perspectives is essential in creating systems that center equity, and we seek those intentionally.
  • We believe in the repair of harm. We know that at times our words, actions, and/or ideas may unintentionally cause harm, and that we must always focus on impact, not intent.